Jobs After The Military

In this post, we are going to identify what a retired veteran is and jobs that are available, after the military service.

What is a Retired Veteran?

A retired veteran is a former member of the Armed Forces of the United States, who served on active duty and was discharged under conditions, which were other than dishonorable.

Retired veterans serve a minimum of twenty of active duty or reserve duty. Medically retired veterans receive injuries that prevent them from remaining on active duty and retire regardless of their years of service.

Why Should Companies Hire Military Veterans?

  • Veterans come from a previous culture built for mission accomplishment
  • Veterans have ingrained leadership talents
  • Veterans take their responsibilities seriously
  • Intuition is a skill and the military teaches it
  • Military poeople will openly tell you when something is wrong
  • Military people will get the job done
  • When given the necessary support, veterans are extremely capable
  • Veterans are independent
  • Military personnel know the meaning of hard work
  • The government pays for veteran education

Best Career Paths for Retired Veterans

According to Business Insider, the best career paths for retired veterans are:

  • Healthcare – The healthcare profession allows veterans to use skills that they may have learned in the military. Popular career paths for veterans entering the healthcare industry include hospital operations and logistics, registered nursing, medical researcher and administration (data, records and hospital functionality). The average annual salary for the healthcare profession is $66,413 per year.
  • Government or Public Administration – One in four veterans work in government or public administration. Veterans gain valuable leadership skills, while serving in the military, which can be utilized for a successful career in government or public administration. Veterans looking to enter this career path should consider applying for jobs in administration program analysis and public affairs. The average salary for this career field is $45,647 per year.
  • Defense Contracting – Defense contracting involves creating materials that will help aid the various sections of National Defense. Potential jobs in defense contracting could include becoming an analyst, an intelligence specialist, a contract management specialist or a quality assurance manager. The average salary of people in defense contracting is $74,533 per year.
  • Information Technology – Information technology jobs utilize skills potentially learned in the military and offer competitive compensation. Popular career paths in the IT field among veterans include project management, systems engineering, cybersecurity, data analysis and information security analysis. The average salary in the IT field is $54,495 per year.
  • Financial Services – Financial services jobs are popular among veterans. The career path can range from being a financial adviser, a finance manager to an accountant. The average salary in the financial services field is $59,139 per year.
  • Education Careers – Education careers are best suited for veterans who believe in mission-based work. Most careers in education do require a college degree. The average salary of education careers is $41,515 per year.
  • Law Enforcement – One popular career path among veterans is law enforcement. Skills and experiences learned in the military make veterans a valuable asset to any law enforcement organization. Possible law enforcement careers could include becoming a police officer, a crime scene investigator, a criminal investigator, an emergency dispatcher or a corrections officer. The average salary of law enforcement position is $56,427 per year.
  • Retail Jobs – Veterans working in the retail industry can enjoy working on a team, as well as the benefit of flexible hours. Popular career paths in the retail industry includes sales, marketing and warehouse logistics. The average salary in the retail industry is $25,519 per year.
  • Manufacturing Industry – The manufacturing industry is a viable path for veterans without college degrees. The average salary for careers in manufacturing is $27,246 per year, entry-level maintenance technicians make an average salary of $39,307 per year and manufacturing supervisors make an average salary of $58,129 per year.
  • Transportation and Warehousing Industry – The transportation and warehousing industry gives veterans the opportunity to work with their hands and are well suited to their military experience and skills. This career is desirable for veterans who prefer a more active and physical career path. The average salary of warehouse workers is $26,749 per year.

Best Work From Home Jobs For Veterans and Spouses

The growth of the internet has opened numerous opportunities in the stay-at-home position. The best work from home opportunities are:

  1. Medical Transcriptionist – A medical transcriptionist translates the jargon of medical professionals into readable reports. These positions are best suited for individuals who have patience, some medical knowledge and excellent typing skills. The average of a medical transcriptionist is $32,900 per year.
  2. Virtual Assistant – Virtual assistants are secretaries of the digital age and help to manage the daily activities of professionals in all industries. Attention to detail and excellent time management skills are a must for this position. The average salary of a virtual assistant is $34,660 per year.
  3. Translator – Translators facilitate everything from important business meetings to personal exchanges by translating text or audio. Fluency in another language is an absolute prerequisite but patience and communication skills are required, as well. The average salary of a translator is $43,300 per year.
  4. Designer / Web Developer – As a web designer and developer, you create and maintain websites. Some projects are small enough that they can be tackled single-handed, but others require collaboration methods through the internet. The average salary of a web designer developer is $75,660 per year.
  5. Travel Agent – Travel agents plan out vacations, business trips and getaways for their clients. They must be able to communicate very well and build long-lasting business relationships. Working online gives travel agents a bigger customer base. The average salary of a travel agent is $31,870 per year.
  6. Call Center Representative – As a call center representative, you are the focus of support for products and services for companies. The average salary of a call center representative is $30,460 per year.
  7. Technical Support Specialist – Technical support specialists keep the modern world of business and consumer electronics running. They troubleshoot technical problems and provide solutions, using modern technology and their customer service skills. The average salary of a technical support specialist is $46,260 per year.
  8. Online Teacher – As an online teacher, you are responsible for educating youth and some adults around the world. The average salary of an online teacher is $51,380 per year.
  9. Graphic Designer – Graphic designers are creative individuals who produce art and designs that customers can easily identify. Whether it is branding a company or drafting concepts for a new product, graphic designers must have a broad range of abilities and produce quality work on time to be competitive within the industry. The average salary of graphic designers is $43,500 per year.
  10. Editor – At-home editorial work usually happens for websites and small publications, but some larger companies may be flexible with how much time they require an editor to be in an office. This job is best suited for people who are highly skilled with written work and are able to produce their own writing, if needed. The average salary of an editor is $51,470 per year.

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How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

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